"The Neverending Wall" is the story of Seele, main character of this short film. Our history, the audience´s one. It is a journey through the emotions after a traumatic event: The rising of a wall that divides and isolates human beings.

Seele passes through the greater stretch that still in place today  of Berlin wall, become the East Side Gallery and in danger of disappearing for real estate projects...

The NeverEnding Wall is our plea against the destruction of this historical memory and the construction of endless walls which, in an incessant loop, continue to rise up and encroach their physical and emotional freedom.




The East Side Gallery is the largest and longest-lasting open air gallery in the world. After the fall of the Berlin wall, it was decided to save a strech of it, transforming its concrete into 103 canvases. Artists from around the world embodied in it, their fears and expectations, condemned the uprising of famous wall of shame , celebrating optimism and expectation after its crumbling in 1989 also , evoking like this, the final point of a meaningless cold war.