We would like to introduce you to Kim Prisu, author of “O povo unido nunca mais será veicido”, an artwork that combines the styles of ‘Free Figuration’ and street art from the 80’s.

Joaquim António Gonçalves Borregana, also known as Kim Prisu, was born in Portugal in 1962. His family then moved to France, where he grew up. At the age of 12 he starts doing some comic strips, awakening his passion for art.

His work on the East Side Gallery searches for the answer to a world continually changing, a singular view of the contemporaneity. He is inspired on multicultural mosaics that connect his sensations, emotions and life philosophy.

Kim Prisu has exhibit on more than 60 galleries around the world. Currently you can visit his artwork on Betsy Frank Gallery.

Kim Prisu on: http://www.betsyfrankgallery.com/




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